What’s the Best Merkur Safety Razor For Beginners 2017

When it comes to safety razors, they all seem pretty homogenous at first glance. You’ve got the solid, cylindrical handle, the butterfly head (either adjustable or fixed-gap), and the blade. Not much room for innovation or different there, right? Wrong. Merkur, for...

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What’s the Best Shaving Brush of 2017? Ratings & Reviews

Okay, so you’re ditching the electric razor and trying to set up your first shave kit. You’ve seen the pictures and you’ve read all the blogs – you’ve got your safety razor, your shaving cream, a shaving soap incase that doesn’t work out, and some heavy white towels...

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Thoughts on Wool Fat Shaving Soap: Is it Right For You?

There are a lot of shaving soaps out there, based around natural oils and waxes. Wool fat shaving soap, however, is probably one of the most widely discussed soaps out there, since it’s actually a bit controversial. Many who use it are divided on whether or not a good...

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Things You Need to Know About Shaving Cream Ingredients

Unlike the exfoliating and soothing oils traditionally associated with wet shaving, shaving cream is essentially face spackle – a fluffly barrier of marshmallow chemicals that is meant to make sure that scratchy razor doesn’t harm your pretty little face. It’s mostly...

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Our Recommendations for the Travel Shaving Brushes

First off, we know you don't need a Cadillac of a shaving brush as your travel brush. By traveling with it, you run the risk of losing it, ruining it, or even having it confiscated by TSA (you never know). Our aim here is to provide you with great, economical brushes...

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What is the Best Shaving Brush Kit? 2017 Reviews & More

Shaving brush kits go against a lot of what we have been saying in some of our other reviews. We always say things like "shaving sets are like golf clubs," you have the freedom, and you're encouraged to mix and match and find the best brush, razor, and shaving soap...

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