If you’re on this blog, chances are that you care (at least to some degree) about your grooming. That’s great; we fully support that. That being said, we find that a lot of guys are missing a thing or two from their grooming routines and they have some flaws. We’d like to help you guys with those. We’ve scoured the web, talked to some friends, and even took a look at some things that we may be doing wrong. We have a good list for you guys, so listen up.

1. Too much body hair.

This all depends on your personal style. The teddy bear look can be a big pain, and it can even cause hygiene issues. In our opinion, the best thing to do is keep all of your hair at a reasonable length. We get that some guys want to grow out your beards, and we totally support that. Just keep it clean, keep it tight, and make sure that everything else is in order. Additionally, find out what works for you. That’s the most important thing of all.

2. What’s up with that dandruff?

There are numerous things you can do to treat dandruff. First, it’s best to invest in a shampoo that will help control it. Instead of going for the usual “Head & Shoulders” or something similar, try going for a green tea treatment. However, dandruff shampoo works as well. Additionally, try little things like not going to bed with wet hair. When you go to bed, your head should be moisturized, clean, and rid of any toxins from the day.

3. Yellow teeth

This is never a good thing. The unfortunate thing is that some people just don’t play close enough attention to do anything about it. Of course, there are natural things that will keep your teeth at an undesirable shade (such as smoking, coffee, etc.) but mostly it’s neglect and not using the right tooth paste. I think it’s safe to say that many doctors gave up on the “brush three times a day” thing. Who has time for that? But you should definitely brush twice a day. If you have a lot of sugar, throw a third one in there if time allows. Additionally, eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables. This helps keep your gums health as well. Have a problem with morning breath? Try ditching the mouthwash. Too much mouthwash can kill even the good bacteria in your mouth. Shoot for green tea instead.

4. Body Acne

Body acne can be tricky, and a lot of times it’s unavoidable. However, a lot of times it is avoidable, but people just don’t know what they’re doing wrong. Well, let’s take a look at what causes acne, clogged pores, right? A lot of times when people go to the gym, they wear clothes that aren’t letting their body’s pores breath. Wear clothes that are a little looser and allows their skin to be open. Also, right after you’re done at the gym, hop in the shower. Letting sweat sit on your skin will clog your pores as well. That goes for everywhere on your body. It’s simple, keep yourself clean and you should be fine. If you continue to have issues with it, invest in a good cleanser or acne treatment.

5. Wearing way too much aftershave

We get that some of the other things we’ve listed aren’t in your control, but this definitely is. Really. You need like one, maybe two splashes. Anymore and you are just drowning others. It’s not hott, it’s not sexy. It defeats the purpose of wearing cologne in the first place and it should definitely set you back a few notches. We’ve all been there, though, and we get it. Just take what you normally use and use slightly less (unless what you normally use is 10 sprays, then use a lot less).

Above all, we’re guys just like you. We’ve all struggled with these things and we’re here to pass along good information to keep you from making the same mistakes you are. We’d love to hear what you have to say. Feel free to leave a comment below. Know someone who needs to see this article (Steve in accounting who sprays way too much Old Spice), post this on his (or anyone’s wall).

Go get ’em, boys.