One of the most important elements in locking in an excellent shave is definitely a good shaving brush. You can use any type of razor you want while using a shaving brush. You can even use any shaving soap or shaving cream too. The one area that you should definitely pay close attention to is what kind of shaving brush you want, which one fits your shaving style and of course if it fits into your budget. Since we are already telling you about Omega shaving brushes in detail later, we want to tell you about the more specific details about shaving brushes as a whole.


It is pretty much widely known that shaving brushes that are made with badger hair are the ones to have. Badger hair is a water magnet and super soft, which are two things that you want to have in a shaving brush. The bristles of these brushes have excellent mixing powers and the lather that is produced is awesome.

Shaving brushes don’t stop at just helping you to make your lather they also exfoliate your face while you are putting all that hand whipped shaving cream or soap on your face. Say goodbye to all of those dead skin cells and say hello to smoother skin and a less clogged razor. There are also reports of shaving brushes helping to reduce the amount of acne that is experienced by users.


If you’re still gaining your footing as a wet shaver, we suggest that you don’t blow your bank account on the most expensive shaving brush out there. You may not fall in love with wet shaving, so cover yourself and spend around $30 to $50 on your first brush. This price range won’t get you a badger hair shaving brush, but it will get you something that you can work with in the early days. Plus, you won’t really know what you are doing at first and may press on the bristles too hard. This would be crappy with any brush you have, but worse still if it is a wicked expensive shaving brush that has badger bristles. That would be enough to make a grown man cry.

Get an idea of how you want your shaving brush to look and start there. Do you want a petite brush that fits in your hand? Do you have a handle color and material preference? How much do you want it to weigh? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself when picking out a shaving brush.

Last Words:

We’ve already said that we are in the shaving brush fan club, so we won’t repeat ourselves again. The most important words of wisdom that we can impart on you now are to take it slow, don’t spend too much and try things out a little at a time to see what you like and don’t like.

We are sure that you are tired of us professing out love for these bristled babes, so we will get to our in-depth review of Omega shaving brushes.

General Thoughts on Omega Shaving Brushes:

We’ve come to really like Omega brushes. Unlike some of the other brands who are leaders in all grooming products and happen to make brushes, Omega specializes in brushes only and the quality represents this. One thing we have notices across the board with Omega brushes, is their ability to hold water. They can hold a ton of water. This makes the process of lathering much easier and more enjoyable. We suspect this ability to hold water can be chalked up to their roots in painting, either way, they work incredibly well. For the price, we believe Omega is a great brand to try. Omega has a lot of great products for beginners or veterans of wet shaving.

One thing to note with this, is the quality of the lather you build will increase with the quality of brush you buy. Your boar brush wont build lather as well as your pure badger brush, your pure badger brush will not build lather as well as your silvertip lather brush, and so on.

Pros & Cons:

Pros: Omega is a very economical brand. Whether you get a synthetic brush, badger, etc., the price is almost always below par for the market. Omega brushes always hold their soap very well, and they feel great on your face. Omega is a high quality brush manufacturer from Italy, not a fly by night imitation company from China, respectively.

Cons: Omega brushes aren’t the best dryer. It can sometimes take quite a while longer than other brands to sufficiently dry the brush. Also, the handles with the Omega brushes tend to feel a bit cheap, being made with plastic or a light wood. A lot of people we come across tend to enjoy the large and heavy brushes because it gives them added control.

We included a few different options for you handsome fellas. We realize by now that you gentleman have different styles, preferences, etc. So, please have a look at our recommendations from Omega.

Omega Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush:

The Omega silvertip badger brush is going to be the most expensive pick of the lot by far. If you haveĀ  read some of our reviews of silertip badger brushes, you will know why. You truly get a solid experience with silvertip badger. The silvertip bristles feel amazing on your face. The head of the bristles are full. The silvertip badger from Omega is the Cadillac of brushes. This is a brush manufacturer with a proven record making brushes with some of the best bristles available. If you are looking for a top high product, this would be it.

Also, is gives you the ability to build up a nice thick lather. When it comes to bristles, it really doesn’t get much better than silvertip badger.

Omega 63171 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush:

The pure badger shaving brush doesn’t quite hold the quality of bristles as a silvertip badger brush, but it is certainly a step up from your average boar brush. However, you are still getting a badger brush for the same price as the average boar brush you might come across. We’ve come across a lot of blokes who explained that this was their first badger purchase, and for the price, this was an incredible buy. It is great for beginners. It also includes a stand, and it will look very attractive on your bathroom sink.

This brush might come a bit stiff at first but after some use it should soften up. This tends to be the trend with most new brushes, however, we have been coming across this obstacle with this particular brush.

Omega Boar Shaving Brush:

This boar brush is incredibly handsome looking. This chrome handle is an excellent touch, and it really gives the brush the old school look that brings people the the art of wet shaving in the first place.

Aside from the looks, this brush offers bristles with some real backbone. This offers a great lathering. The only notable con with this brush (if it is a boar brush you are looking for) is the boar smell. This is going to come with any animal brush you buy really, but we had a particularly tough time getting the smell out of this one.

Omega Syntex Synthetic Fiber Shaving Brush:

This is the vegan man’s shaving brush. This brush uses synthetic bristles. However, there is no reason to think the venture into synthetic bristles would cause you to forfeit quality. Even though these bristles are synthetic, they mimic the feel of a pure badger brush. However, we have come across a few people who note the synthetic brush can lack in leaving the skin feeling exfoliated as with a boar brush or strong badger brush.

Additionally, there are tons of added benefits aside from ethics. The synthetic fiber bristles help the brush dry very quickly (this is a big deal). For those of you who are use to the boar or badger brushes will agree that one of the biggest pains is properly drying a brush. Also, the bristles do not degrade over time. You could literally soak this brush in water for a month, and you wouldn’t see a difference. This type of brush truly holds up.