First off, we know you don’t need a Cadillac of a shaving brush as your travel brush. By traveling with it, you run the risk of losing it, ruining it, or even having it confiscated by TSA (you never know). Our aim here is to provide you with great, economical brushes for the purpose of travel backups, gym brush, or any instance where you might be away from home and still need to take care of that handsome face. I mean, do you really want to risk losing your $100 silvertip badger shaving brush in some hotel room? We didn’t think so.

We came across a ton of brands we haven’t heard of who specialize in travel sized items like trimmers, or electric shavers. We didn’t want to leave you guys with that options. Why not use a brand you know and trust on the road with you so you’re ready for potentially your most important meetings, moments with your significant other, etc.? We shouldn’t have to sacrifice the security of a brand we trust to go with a cheaper back up brush.

So we have compiled a list of travel brushes full on names we trust and review frequently on here. The cool thing about these is almost all of them came with this bad ass metal handle for added durability while you travel. Also, they are all pure badger shaving brushes! We know how you fellas like badger brushes, so why not take one with you on the road? Additionally, they almost all come beautifully engineered for the handle to double as a canister, which is necessary to keep it from getting ruined on the road!

Wet Shaving While Traveling:

Before we give you our travel shaving brush recommendations, we want to give you some tips and suggestions for maintaining your wet shave routine while you are traveling. Just because you are away from home doesn’t mean that you can’t bring everything you need along with you.

Your Toiletry Bag:

In the case of your toiletry bag, size does matter! The size of your toiletry bag will impact how much of your wet shave kit you are able to bring along during your travels. If you plan to bring a bag that is on the small side, you won’t be able to fit regular size containers of your aftershave, facial cleaner, shaving cream/soap and other skin care items. You will likely have to pick and choose what to pack and maybe bring along sample sized products if they are available. A small bag will also require you to take your razor apart.

If you opt to bring a wetpack, you won’t really have any issues with packing everything that you usually use for your wet shave routine at home. In fact, it is probably going to be big enough to house some extras like your toothbrush, toothbrush, cologne and medication.

There aren’t any rules as to what kind of bag you have to use while traveling and it’s really up to your preferences. You can use a military wetpack, vinyl travel kit, leather bag or even a Ziploc bag if you want.

Traveling with a Safety and Straight Razor:

There are a few different travel cases that you can store your safety razor in that will hold all of its parts securely during your travels. If you don’t think that you really need a special case just for your razor, you can simply roll it into a face towel or wash cloth so that it doesn’t roll all over the place in your suitcase.

If you are flying at some point, remember that the TSA has guidelines for what you can and cannot bring in your carry-on when boarding your flight. It is best to just leave it safely stowed away in the luggage that you are going to check at baggage claim. It would be a huge bummer if you had to leave your favorite razor behind due to a bag check at the gate.

Traveling with a Shaving Brush:

You have the option to snag a travel brush to add to your wet shave kit and that will eliminate the need to find a way to bring along your regular size brush. Travel shaving brushes often come with special tubes that the brush fits in that can be secured with a screw on cap. It’s pretty handy to have a travel shaving brush because they are especially designed and contained for travel, so the fear of your bristles getting damaged is not all that high.

If you really have your heart set on bringing your usual brush along, that’s totally fine and there are some creative ways to keep it safe. Prescription bottles are probably the best way to bring along your regular shaving brush from our experience. The bottles come in different sizes, so there is probably at least one that will accommodate your brush. Make a pit stop at one of your local pharmacy and ask for an empty pill bottle or use one that you already have. Drill a small hole into the cap for some circulation and you are all set.   Below are our top picks to sit back and enjoy as we break down the best choices you can make on the market right now.

The Art of Shaving Black Travel Pure Badger Shaving Brush:

We’ve just recently started introducing you gents to The Art of Shaving Products. They are high end, reliable products, and they didn’t suspend effort while making the travel shaving brush. The Art of Shaving travel brush is a compacted version of their $100+ full sized shaving brushes. So you really aren’t losing out on much here. This sleek brush comes at ~$50, so it’s affordable, and will still give you a trusted lathering while on the road. This shaving brush is durable for the purpose of traveling but still very comfortable on your face.

The main downfall we have ran into with this brush is the bristles falling out. We would chalk this up to poor care during the drying process. For this brush, we would recommend you accompany the brush with a shaving brush stand as well.

Parker 100% Pure Badger Full Size Travel Shaving Brush:

This brushed aluminum shaving brush is handsome as hell. One of the best things about it is you don’t have to forfeit size for your travel brush.  Unlike a lot of shaving brushes we have come across, this brush comes with a 20mm knot! This is a major step to get over because we get so use to our full size shaving brushes that the travel sized ones make us feel out of sync with our strokes.

As we have said plenty of times, we are huge fans of Parker shaving products. This is especially true for the purposes of squeezing the best quality out of sensibly priced items. This is another brush made with pure badger bristles which we love. Additionally, it’s just pretty rare to come across a Parker shaving brush, but we’re very glad we came across this outstanding product.

Harry D Koenig & Co Pure Badger Bristle Travel Shaving Brush:

So, we’re now big fans of nickel products. The Harry D Koenig pure badger shaving brush is fantastic, and possibly one of the most handsome we have found. We have reviewed a few Koenig products before, but few that we have been more impressed with than this one. The handle is simple and sturdy, and the badger bristles speak for themselves.

Additionally, the engineering of the brush couldn’t be more convenient. The handle doubles as a canister to transport your brush and keep it from getting ruined. This provides a thick metal casing for the bristles. Koenig definitely took the time to create a great brush for anybody looking to keep their wet shaving rituals with them on the road.

GBS Pure Badger Bristle Travel Shaving Brush:

We have reviewed limited GBS products on here, but that’s not because we aren’t fond of them. They tend to make specialized products so we only come across them from time to time. This sleek travel brush almost speaks for itself. It’s attractive and convenient also holding the compact travel design. Again, we have run across some who claim the bristles fall out. We believe as long as you utilize the canister, you shouldn’t have this problem.

The canister comes with a ventilated bottom to help with drainage. This will help the brush dry faster and prolong the health of the bristles. This brush provides a great, smooth, slick lather. This is an excellent travel brush, gym brush, or back up!

Edwin Jagger Silver Pure Badger Aluminum Shaving Brush:

This is another sexy ass design from Edwin Jagger. Of course we kept the metal handle trend through the end. We think it is James Bond-esque, and who doesn’t want to be a little more like Agent 007? We have reviewed a bunch of the Edwin Jagger line, and we are always impressed by the style and durability.

This brush is quite small compared to its other brushes (it’s a travel brush after all), but it still lathers very well. The ingenious design helps keep the brush dry and healthy. Additionally, the brush is made from aluminum, which means it will never rust! As long as you take care of the bristles, there is no conceivable reason this brush wont last for years to come.