Our Mission Statement:

Your facial hair is like your car.  It’s like your clothes.  It’s like your wrist watch.

Let’s face it – your facial hair says a lot about who you are, just like any of the personal choices that you make on a daily basis.  Whether you decide to rock facial hair or not is a personal choice that reflects a lot about your personality and tells people who you are.

Are you a working professional?  The clean shaven look may prevail.  Studies have shown that people that are clean shaven tend to get hired and are viewed as more trustworthy.

Are you a college student or a guy looking to attract the prettiest female in the room?  Then the 5 day stubble look might be your choice.  Studies have shown that most women find light stubble the most attractive form of facial hair, even above clean shaven men.

Live in the extreme cold or ride a motorcycle that is exposed to the elements?  The full fledged beard might be a choice purely based on practicality as facial hair can serve a practical purpose by keeping your face warm. Regardless of the camp you fall into, your facial hair is going to help people draw a perception of you no matter who you are.  As a result, you should look your best.

Here at Shavelocity.com, our goal is to help you look your best and keep your facial hair looking awesome.  We aim to provide you with detailed and unbiased reviews of the best top end shaving gear on the internet.  Below are just a few topics that we will review in detail to help you make the right decisions for all your facial hair grooming needs.

Beard Trimmers: 

Beard Trimmers are an essential part of keeping your beard look “kept up.”  Ignoring your facial hair’s upkeep is fine if you are growing a massive beard out of practical purposes, but most men don’t fall into this category.

Most guys that have a beard need to focus on making sure that it stays trimmed and looks great. Finding the best beard trimmer to keep your face looking trimmed and well kept is an absolute must if you plan on keeping your facial hair for any lengthy period of time.

Safety Razors: 

Looking for something like a straight razor but just need that additional buffer of protection?  Finding the best safety razor to make you feel comfortable with your shave is a must.

Safety razors will give you that extra layer of protection so you can get just about the closest shave possible without using an actual straight razor. There are several staple brands and we have taken the time to break them all out for you.

Straight Razors:

Let me start off by saying that straight razors are awesome when it comes to getting a close shave.  At the same time, you want to make sure that you have some experience with a blade shaving in this capacity.  It can be a little tricky to master and we’d recommend a safety razor first if you haven’t gone the straight razor route before.

Still, there’s a variety of straight razors here, and we will help you find the best straight razor brands with our reviews.

Electric Razors:

Electric razors are synonymous with convenience and reliability.  You can buy one and rely on it for years.  They get an extremely close shave and are awesome for practical purposes, especially if you travel frequently.  Easy to store as they don’t require any type of shaving cream or shaving lotion, these are great pickups for any guy.

Finding the best electric razor in your price range is always something that’s important as the prices and quality vary widely. We’ve got you covered with our top 10 review guide that breaks down our favorites.

Nose Hair Trimmers: 

You should never have exposed nose hair.  And we mean NEVER.  However there happens to be a ton of choices out there in the marketplace which trimmers are best and this can get confusing.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you and have provided a detailed reviews of the top 10 best nose hair trimmers out there so you can sure that you don’t get caught with stray nose hair when you meet that special someone or during a job interview.

Beard & Mustache Conditioning Products: 

Not sure what beard balm to choose to keep your beard looking great?  Not sure which mustache wax works the best to keep your mustache looking better than Rollie Fingers?  Maybe you aren’t sure which aftershave is going to give you the best feel or smell for your first date.  Relax.  Our reviews have you covered.

Beard & Mustache Styling Guides:

We’ve taken the time to compile our favorite beard styles, mustaches and more.  If you are struggling to find which beard will suit you the best for your look, don’t worry about looking any further.  Our styling guides will help you look great for any occasion.

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