So you’ve tried boar bristle brushes and you’ve tried various types of badger bristle brushes, and you’re just not finding a good fit for you. This is normal, each type of bristle provides a different and unique shaving experience. Buying different types of brushes can get expensive. The synthetic brush holds water very well, it is easy to clean, and it provides an all around great shaving experience.

Not only is the synthetic brush the vegan man’s shaving brush, but it’s also the traveling man’s shaving brush to pair with any wet shaving gear you might have. This synthetic bristles help the brush dry very quickly, and you can store the brush much easier without causing lasting damage.

These are just a few of the benefits that come with using a synthetic shaving brush. There are some excellent benefits from using a synthetic shaving brush that aren’t as obvious!

Benefits of a Synthetic Shaving Brush:

No animal products: if you’re anything like us, this is huge. While we do acknowledge that real badger hair provides a great lather and leads to a great shave, knowing that your product is animal product free really makes us feel better about using it! Synthetic bristles are close enough to the real thing, we don’t feel like we are losing out.

Fast drying: unlike badger or boar brushes that take a long time to dry, synthetic brushes don’t take long at all. You can hang up your brush post shave, and it will be dry in no time.

More economical: the synthetic brush is as close as you can get to a badger brush experience without having to spend a ton of money. Also, instead of spending $50+ on a silvertip badger brush, you can spend $20 or less on a synthetic brush and get almost the same experience. A lot of guys we come across tell us they don’t see much difference in the experience, but they are happy enough with the savings to make up for the loss in quality.

Parker Safety Synthetic Shaving Brush:

Well, it’s no secret, Parker just makes great shaving products. This shaving brush is no exception. You can get this brush for around $25, and you will be very happy with it. The brush is as soft as many badger brushes, but it comes at a reasonable price and from a great manufacturer. As with all Parker products we have reviewed, we believe this product will deliver for you day after day for years to come. And for about half the price has other brushes out there, we would strongly recommend this product.

Elite Synthetic Shaving Brush:

The Elite synthetic shaving brush is a great, quality product, and it looks sleek as hell. It has a black wood finish with the silvertip badger look. This brush can make a ton of lather quickly and exfoliate the skin as well. This brush does, however, come with a slight chemical smell. For those of you who have experience the badger scent will be pleased with this scent.

Overall, for a quarter of the price as the badger brushes, this is an excellent buy and a great addition to your bathroom.

Pur-tech Synthetic Shaving Brush by Frank Shaving

This is an excellent product from Frank Shaving. The bristles are firm enough through the body that they give you excellent control, but the tips are soft enough that they are comfortable on your face and great for sensitive skin. Frank Shaving did such a great job with this brush that is is truly difficult to tell the difference. The handle is large enough to fit well in your palm. It also comes in a sleek black, with the silvertip badger look. The bush can rise out easily and dry quickly, which is incredibly convenient.

For not being a very well known brand, Frank Shaving provides a great product and an outstanding price.

GBS Synthetic Shaving Brush

We have reviewed GBS brushes before, and we believe you get a great product for the price. This is another black brush, which we think just looks bad ass on your bathroom counter. Also, this is another brush that has that great silvertip badger look (they’ll never know the difference). The bristles are a bit stiff at first, but will soften up after a few uses. The bristles stay stiff enough to allow for the extra control but soft enough on the tips for sensitive skin. The great thing about the brush and other synthetics is you can be a little tougher with them to get the bristles the way you want. Badger brushes are a bit too fragile to work in the way you can with synthetic brushes. The handle is thick and hefty. This allows the brush to fit nicely in your palm.

Beauty Strokes H.I.S Synthetic Shaving Brush

Alright, we know, most of these are “sleek black,” but admittedly, we love the look.This timeless brush from Beauty Strokes looks like a badger shaving brush, performs like a badger shaving brush, feels like a badger shaving brush, and thankfully doesn’t smell like a badger brush, but it is certainly not a badger brush. Nope, this series 1849 bad boy is made from a one of a kind synthetic. It has comes at a great price, it has a great feel, and it just looks handsome as hell. The bristles are soft, yet dense to provide great control. It can very easily whip up a good lather. This brush also drys very quickly and is a great accessory for those of you who travel frequently.