The key to a good shave is more than just the razor. A shaving brush is a necessary tool that will make the process more enjoyable. It will help to soften your skin by getting beneath the beard, raise whiskers to prevent ingrown hairs, create a lubricated surface, and increase lather. It is essential to choose a product that remains soft and pliable over time like the best badger shaving brush. Here is a look at some of the top choices.

The Facts on Brush Shedding:

For owners of badger shaving brushes, simply reading the words “brush shedding” is enough to make them wince and become nervous. We want to tell you about what kind of brush shedding is normal and what kind is abnormal. We figured that you will benefit from knowing what to look out for to keep your brush in good condition and what warrants a call to the retailer you bought from.

What Causes Shedding?

There are a few different things that can play into your shaving brush’s hair loss. Some of the causes of shedding can be avoided though, so we are going to talk a little about that now.

Cause 1: Too Dry or Too Hot

The temperature of your water is a pretty important factor in maintaining the health of your badger shaving brush. It’s super important that you soak your brush in warm water for roughly 30 seconds to one minute before you shave. This will help to soften the hair and soak up the water that is needed to create a later with your shaving soap or cream.

If your water is too hot, it can actually cause the hairs to become brittle and weak due to being scalded. Very hot water can also cause the epoxy at the base of the knot to loosen and the hairs will start falling out. Another way to damage your brush is by not soaking it properly. It is possible to work up a lather before the bristles are soft enough, which will likely result in broken bristles due to the pressure of the dry hair being pressed against you shave soap.

Cause 2: Right Off the Shelf

When you first get a new shaving brush, there will be a bit of shedding during the early days of using it. The brush will undergo some initial changes and will become adjusted to its new job. Most brushes take about three months to become fully broken in and to stop shedding. During the breaking in stage, you may notice that your badger shaving brush softens up a bit at the tips, blooms a little more each shave and sheds those extra hairs that were left in the knot when it was made.

If you find that your brush is shedding an unusual amount, it is possible that you have a defective knot. If you suspect that your shaving brush is a reject, you can call the manufacturer for some help. You can also just wait it out a little bit longer to see if the shedding stops after continued use.

Cause 3: Improper Care

Poor shaving brush care is usually one of the most common reasons you will experience shedding. If your brush is not cleaned properly after each use, you can expect problems with mildew and of course hair loss. It very important to rinse your brush thoroughly after each use to ensure that all of the lather residue is completely gone. Secondly, it’s important to sterilize you brush regularly, which you can do with a bit of Borax soap powder and water. Lastly, make sure that you hang you brush upside down in a clean, dry place.

Types of Badger Shaving Brushes

Shaving brushes come in a variety of hair options and grades. Brushes are available in natural animal hair or synthetic fibers. The most common animal hair used is from boars or badgers. A best badger shaving brush is a top choice because it naturally absorbs a great deal of water.

It is important to keep in mind that since hair is natural, it will vary between brushes. It will be helpful to comprehend the different grades of badger hair when comparing multiple brands. There is no industry standard that designates badger hair grades, but certain classifications exist to describe the quality.

  • Pure Badger Brushes. Pure badger hair is the most common variety. It is the least costly and will be a great brush for a young man who is just starting to wet shave. The color of the hair will vary and will have a coarse texture. This will make it easy to lather soap and exfoliate the skin. With time, pure badger hair will become softer.
  • Best Badger Brushes. Best badger hair is a step above pure badger hair. It is able to absorb water well, so it will create a deeper lather. Since it comes from the softer fur of the animal, it is gentler on the skin. It appears “banded” in color and is often available at a reasonable price.
  • Super Badger Brushes. Super badger hair is finer and softer than best badger hair. The color is patterned with a banded middle and white tips. These tips are very soft and will never scratch your face. Since the hair is fine, more will be needed to fill the brush’s knot. This means that it will feel more dense and luxurious. Super badger brushes require extra care because they are more rare and delicate. These brushes will create an extremely rich and creamy lather. They are often the top of the line for many manufacturers and come with higher price tags.
  • Silvertip Badger Brushes. Silvertip badger hair is the highest grade possible and is the softest and most luxurious form of natural hair available. It is extremely delicate and will break easily if not cared for properly. The feel of silvertip hair against your skin is like a cloud that gently massages the lather. Since this hair is scarce, the prices are very high.

Comparison of Badger Hair to Other Natural Brush Hair

Badger and boar hair are two of the most popular natural shaving brush bristle options. Both come with a distinct smell when first purchased. However, badger hair will loose the odor after a few uses. Boar hair will smell forever. Badger hair is also softer and more flexible for lathering. This will create a thicker foam. Boar hair is stiffer, so lather will not be as full. Most men prefer a fuller foam lather. Finally, the best badger shaving brush will last much longer than a boar hair brush. Since boar hair is coarse, it will break when bent. Badger hair is more durable because it is extremely flexible.

5 Best Badger Shaving Brush Reviews

Escali 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush

This pure badger brush is ideal for the beginner wet shaver. It is one of the most affordable brush options around at approximately $12. Despite the low price, it is effective at creating a smooth lather without irritating the face. There will be be a bit of shedding, but for a lower end product, it is less than expected. The hair may seem a little stiff at first, but it will soften with time. Overall, most people feel that the performance is more than adequate, so there is no need to spend more on a higher grade brush.

Premium Black Badger by Wet Shaving Products

This brush is handmade with a wooden handle. To display the high quality craftsmanship, it is formed to shape. This brush is quite affordable at under $20 and will be excellent as a starter product. Most men appreciate the soft feel against the face and the way that it creates a good lather. The included travel box makes it ideal for shaving on the road.

Parker 100% Best Badger

This handmade brush comes with outstanding quality that will create a rich and luxurious lather. Your beard will be softened to allow for the closest shave possible. It is built tough for a man and is heavier than other brushes. The chrome tip handle makes it appear high end as well. To ensure good maintenance, there is an included stand for proper drying. This will keep the brush in top shape for years. The $40 price is a bit higher than a pure badger brush but will be well worth the extra investment.

Baxter of California Best Badger

Baxter of California is a company known to produce top quality shaving products. This particular item is made in Germany from all natural best badger hair, which means it will create a superior lather. The brush has a nice weight, so it feels good in your hand. For a price of $50, a man will receive a product that ensures a smooth shave without irritation. The entire line of Baxter products will pamper your face and perfect the grooming process.

“The Prince” High Density Premium Silvertip

Silvertip badger hair is the best hair that money can buy. This brush is very dense and has an extra firm knot. This means that little hair will fall out, and it will feel soft against the skin. The handle is designed ergonomically to feel good in the hand. This is the type of brush that professionals use, so a man can get the closet shave possible at home. For the price of around $60, a man will be hard pressed to find a better product.