So you want to buy a box set for straight razor shaving, aye? This is the easy route, sure. But if you’re looking for the easy route, straight razor shaving just isn’t for you.  You are better off sticking to beard trimmers or electric shavers for your shaving needs.

To be honest, if you’re looking for a one purchase, box gift set for a straight razor set, you’re going to see the quality of each product included in the set drop severely. We really tried to find a box set that had great quality products for a reasonable price. All we found were knock-offs charging the upwards of $80-$100 for their sets. So we set off to create our own “box set” for you fine gentleman that was under $100. This was you can have all the products of a box set, but you would be getting quality products at a reasonable price.

The Set:

We have had a ton of requests for a good shaving set. We really set out to find a good, universal set, but we found that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to buy a box set. Instead, why not find a group of products that are solid, name brand, and still sensibly priced. We included two razors to fit your shaving preferences, but of course we aren’t saying you should buy both, we just wanted to give you options. Also, it should be noted that these two razors come with replacement blades. However, you can maximize the usage from the blades if you use the strop to sharpen the blades before replacing them.

Additionally, we have also included all the other fixings for a straight razor shave: shaving soap, shaving mug, a strop, and a badger shaving brush. You are certainly welcome to swap any of these out for a product more fit for your style of shaving, that’s the purpose of the way we are doing this set. However, this set is an excellent foundation to get you started, or strengthen your current set!

Easy Tips to Improve Your Shave:

We know that shaving isn’t always the most enjoyable activity. It can be painful at times and can definitely be costly. Shaving doesn’t always have to be this way though and we are going to give you some easy tips to improve your shave.

  • Shaving on dry skin is a no no!

There is a reason that we chose this as our number one tip and we think that you should just consider it a rule from here on out. In order to get the best shave possible and avoid jacking up your face, get your face wet before you shave. This doesn’t just apply to shaving with blades either! Electrical shavers for the most part are usable on wet skin, so get it wet. Trust us, your skin will thank you!

  • Toss the can and switch to good quality shave soap or cream

The shaving foam that comes in a can is like the red headed stepchild of the shaving world and it’s not going to do you any good, so ditch it. Swap your can of pressurized chemicals for a puck of shaving soap or a tube of shaving cream. There are a variety of options out there in all price ranges and qualities too. We are pretty certain that any shaving soap or cream is going to be better than any aerosol version that you buy from a drug store.

  •      Get a shaving brush

You’ll want to use a shaving brush to whip up a good lather that can be produced from your new shave soap or cream. They are also used to apply the lather to your face, ensuring that ever hair is coated and that your facial hair is softened. You can get a shave brush that is made with badger, boar or horse hair. There are some that are made of synthetic materials, but we don’t like those as much as the others.

  •  Switch to a Double Edge or Straight Razor

This sounds scarier than it actually is, so don’t run off just yet. If you are using a razor that comes from a mega corporation that makes you shell out a ton of money for the cartridges, we have one word for you – STOP! Using a DE or straight razor will give you a better shave and will cost you significantly less over time.

  • Give your skin time to wake up

You don’t have to shave first thing in the morning after your alarm goes off and you trudge your way to the bathroom sink. Sleeping makes your skin expand, even if ever so slightly, so give yourself 10 to 15 minutes to wake up. A great thing to do during those first early morning minutes while your skin wakes up is to take a shower. It’s best to shave after a shower since the heat opens your pores as well as softens your skin and beard. All of these things will help you get a better shave, so it sounds like you are checking off many things at once.

Start with these easy tips and we are sure you will notice and improvement in your shave!

Parker SRB Straight Razor:

We have reviewed a ton of Parker razors on this site before, and the story hasn’t changed. Parker produces a quality product for a great price. If you are wanting to keep your box set under $100, we can’t think of a better option for a razor than Parker. Obviously, since we are putting together a mixed bag here, you can certainly sub this razor out for another of your choosing. However, for the purposes of this article, the Parker SRB is a fantastic choice.

Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Razor:

The Parker SR1 is a handsome, stainless steel safety razor. It is also very reasonably priced at just around $20. Like the previous razor we included, this razor also comes with replaceable blades. However, we highly recommend the strop to sharpen the blades to maximize their lifetime. We like Parker razors and this one is no exception. You are going to get a similar product with either the SR1 or the SRB, it mostly comes down to style and resilience. With the price and versatility, the Parker straight razor line is perfect for this set.

Scalpmaster Barber Strop:

We’re going to ask you to trust us on this one. A lot of reviews out there say to not go cheap on the strop. However, we think this one is great for the price. I mean, less than $20? That is a major bargain. However, this horsehide strop holds its own in the strop realm, and it really is perfect for a set. It is sturdy, being held together with brass nuts and bolts. We really believe that you aren’t forfeiting quality for price in this instance.

100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush by SimplyBeautiful:

The brand is not the best and not the worst. What you are really getting here is one of the best bargains we could find on a 100% pure badger shaving brush. In cases like this, you would normally be forfeiting the handle for the bristles, leaving you with a small, cheap, plastic handle. Not in this case, buddy. This reasonably priced brush comes with a sleek chrome handle that is incredibly attractive and give you that classic wet shaving look. Additionally, it should also hold up well. The metal handle offers quite a bit of weight for added control. This is a fantastic piece to add to the set, and it will look handsome on your bathroom counter with the rest of your wet shaving gear!

Col. Conk Bay Rum Shaving Soap:

As we have said before, we love Col. Conk shaving products, and we know you love Col. Conk shaving products. So it only felt right to include the Col. Conk classic Bay Rum shaving soap in this set. This Bay Rum scent is just fantastic. Some people love it, some people aren’t too fond, but we think it smells like what we imagine James Bond smells like. It has the classic wet shaving look, with a bad ass Civil War Colonel sporting a massive mustache on the front. I mean, what’s not to love?

In addition to the look, it also works well. It builds a thick, slick lather that doesn’t dry on your face. it will leave your face moisturized and fresh. It really should be no surprise here that we would include ol’ Colonel Conk in our shaving kit!

Shaving Mug by Shaving Factory:

This product is pretty simple. It’s just a quality piece of stoneware with an easy to grip handle. The mug comes in a sleek black. There are plenty of subs for this, but we wanted to recommend a quality product to finish off your set. The mug is deep and heavy, perfect to set your brush in. The heavy ceramic helps the mug retain the heat for the lather which makes a very comfortable shave.