So you just started wet shaving, huh? Oh, you’ve been doing it for 20 years? Well, either way you need to proper stand to support all your swanky shaving gear. When we make the transition to wet shaving, we don’t need to completely forfeit speed. Really, one of the major reasons we make the transition to wet shaving is because we want to enjoy the process of shaving, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to shave in a hurry every once in a while! Having an organized safety razor stand will certainly shave (pun intended) a few minutes off of your daily ritual instead of fumbling around trying to find all of your gear.

It’s a pretty simple design. You basically want to make sure the stand has room for all your shaving paraphernalia. And you want to make sure it looks handsome! Although we don’t always admit it, a big reason we are doing this wet shaving gig is because it looks cool and manly. Our shaving sets should reflect this.

However, don’t let the simplicity of the product fool you; it is very important to store your gear properly. Storing the razor properly will extent the life of your blades and keep from corrosion. Storing your brush properly extends the life extends the life of your brush. If you don’t store the brush properly, it can destroy the brush rather quickly. Don’t make that mistake, boys! Grab a reasonably priced razor stand and save money down the road by not having to replace your other products!

Here are our recommendations for safety razor stands!

Safety Razor Care Tips:

Before we tell you about what to look for in a safety razor stand, we are going to quickly tell you about how to take care of your safety razor properly before you store it in one. The stand is a great way to keep your razor dry and safe, which will help extend its life. We know that the stand is one piece of the puzzle, so now let’s look at another.

Take Your Razor Apart:

The first step to caring for your razor is to give it a deep cleaning now and then. A heavy duty cleaning will keep the razor in good working condition, sanitized and free of all of the built up grossness that lurks in the dark recesses of your razor. Take your razor apart completely…break it down until it is in pieces that cannot function independently. You will now be able to see for yourself how little giving your razor a quick rinse after shaving actually does. All of that hair, shaving soap/cream gunk and dead skin in there = gross.


Next on the list is the sanitation phase and you’ll remember why once you finish taking your safety razor apart. Grab a vegetable steamer from your kitchen cabinet and set it on the stove with all of the razor components in it. Add some water to the pot and crank it up to a boil.

We want to stress how important it is to use a vegetable pot or a similar style pot that has a colander or basket insert. The reason this is so important is because you really don’t want your safety razor sitting on the very bottom of that pot because that much contact with direct heat is not a good thing at all.

Set your kitchen timer for 25 to 30 minutes and let the boiling water do its thing. Putz around the house while your safety razor gets cleaned up. We suggest giving your shaving brush a good cleaning to fill the time. Killing two birds with one stone is always ideal in our book.

When the timer goes off, make sure that you turn off the burner and move the pot to one that isn’t hot. It’s totally ok to let it sit and cool off for a bit so that you are able to grab the safety razor pieces out with your hands. Don’t add cold water to the piping hot water though because your razor won’t like that one bit and will probably result in a perma jacked up razor.

Back Together Again:

Once you’ve retrieved the razor pieces out of the pot, it’s time for a quick dry. You can pat your safety razor dry with a lint free cloth and you’re good to go. Put the whole thing back together again and place it in your safety razor stand and you’re ready for your next shave with a super clean and sanitized tool. If you do use a stand to store your razor, make sure you keep it in a dry place where it won’t get super dusty.

Here Are Our Top Picks:

Colonel Conk Chrome Safety Razor Stand:

Again, we just love Col. Conk products. Col. Conk has been one of the leading brands during this wet shaving renaissance, so we wanted to show them some love! Really though, Col. Conk makes great quality products, and they just look cool as hell.

This stand in particular comes with a chrome finishing. It’s durable and will last years to come. The great thing about stands is they are usually the last piece to bring together your wet shaving collections, and they only cost about $20 on average! This stand is right on par with that pricing.

This stand does exactly what it was designed to do: 1) hold the razor, 2) hold the brush. And we must say, it does it beautifully!

Safety Razor and Shaving Brush Stand from Super Safety Razors:

This is a slightly different design, however, the functionality is equally as effective. The chrome finish makes the stand handsome. The base is heavy to prevent the stand from tipping and spilling. Additionally, the bottom has raised rubber checkerboard for grip, making this stand an all around sturdy piece.

Although this stand is very sturdy, it is also compact. This makes it a little tougher for this stand to hold longer razors effectively. Also, it may need slight modification to help it hold bulkier razors such as the Merkur Futur. Overall, a great buy for your bathroom and shave set!

Deluxe Stainless Steel 4 Prong Safety Razor and Shave Brush Stand:

This design is quite a bit different than other razor stands we have included in the article. We would recommend this particular stand for the veteran wet shavers out there! This ingenious design can accommodate one small brush and one large brush, along with two razors. I really can’t think of a better than for those of you who like to use multiple tools to get that perfect shave!

Like the others, this stand is also comes with a chrome finish and a heavy base to prevent tipping. This product comes in two pieces: the stand and the prongs. All you do is place the prongs on the stand and screw the top on! This not only makes the process simple, but it makes it study as well.

If you think you are manly enough to handle this beast of a razor stand, then I would recommend you give it a try!

Swissco Nickel Stand for Shave Brush & Razor:

This is probably the most unique razor stand we recommend. It just looks cool and modern as hell. The stand is a tad bit more expensive than the others, but it makes up for it in looks and stability. This swanky piece comes nickel plated, it’s heavy and wide, but it’s compact enough to sit on your sink and not get in the way. The great thing this stand offers that others don’t is the large holders that provide an almost universal fit for your razors and brushes. Also, as we have stressed the importance of allowing your brush to drip dry, this piece allows that.

Really, this is just the most stylish way you could possibly hang a razor and brush!

Rockler Single Razor Stand:

We have saved the simplest design for last. This is certainly not because this product is any less quality than the others. This is just a very simple design that holds a razor. We would recommend this for beginners. This would be for those who are just started to try wet shaving but are still concerned about preserving their razor until they have all the right gear. This piece is perfectly priced for this purpose. Of course, like the others, we made sure it included the chrome finish, because, well, it just looks sexy. The opening is a bit smaller than the others (13/32” wide), so you are going to want to make sure this will work for your razor.